We style and furnish vacant or lived in properties so that they sell or rent quickly and for the highest possible price.  This is called 'home staging'.

Our 'home staging service' is perfect for home owners, landlords and property developers.

Home staging helps a buyer/tenant visualise living there, reducing the risk of

the property staying unsold/empty and consequent price reductions.


to home stage


 Get more  viewings

Elegantly staged homes stand out online, generating more clicks & more viewings.



your home 


'Staged homes sell 3 x faster than non-staged homes'

The Home Staging Association report 2019


Make more money

Rightmove reports that staged homes sell for 8% more than non-staged homes.


to attract buyers

Staging will:

  • show your home at its best and will encourage buyers/renters to see the potential of your home.

  • create a strong online presence for your property.  New buyers/tenants trawl Rightmove and other selling portals every day in search of their ideal home.   A staged property will jump out of the page at them, will attract more clicks and will lead to...

  • more viewings!  More viewings can create a sense of competition amongst buyers which can bump up the selling price. 

  • help your property sell faster and for a higher price! Properties that have been staged on average stay on the market for a shorter period of time and achieve a higher price than non-staged properties.

If you are staging a property prior to getting it valued, the valuation is likely to be higher than a non-staged property.

Remember, in today's property market, when properties are not selling as fast as they used to, having a property which has lingered on Rightmove for too long is akin to the kiss of death.  

If your unstaged property stays unsold/unrented,  you might need to reduce the sale/rental price of your property in a bid to generate fresh viewings.  Homes are on average reduced by 5% of the initial sale price so for £400,000 home, you would be taking £20,000 off the asking price.  The cost of home staging a property will certainly be less than the reduction of the selling price.

‘An average staging investment is between 1 and 3% of the home’s asking price, which generates a ROI of 8 to 10%. Generally, staged homes sell over 8% above asking price.’ Home Staging Association

Home staging sounds amazing but how much will it cost?

The cost of home staging your property will obviously depend on the number of rooms that need staging, the size of those rooms and whether any repairs need doing or whether the paintwork needs refreshing, whether your property needs decluttering or items put into storage.  We are happy to come and give a no obligation quote for home staging your property. 

If you would like to discuss how we can market your property effectively using our home staging service, please call us on 01865 575 425 or email us at info@acreendproperty.co.uk.

How the home staging process works...

  • First of all, we need to assess how much home staging your property needs to transform its attraction to potential buyers/tenants.  

  • We can do this by visiting your property or by looking at floor plans and photos of your property to assess how much staging is required to maximise its appeal. 

  • We might advise that the property needs to be re-decorated, cleaned or that repairs need to be carried out to maximise its appeal.  If this is so, we can organise tradesmen to come and do the work and we can supervise them for you.

  • If we think that some of your furniture will detract from the home staging or we think that the property needs decluttering, we can arrange for the items to be put into storage whilst the property is home staged.

  • We will arrange the delivery of the home staging furuniture and props and will stage it in your property with the minimum of fuss but to the maximum effect. 

  • We can organise Open Day viewings for you and are happy to pop into the property periodically if you wish to refresh flowers or to clean.

  • Once the property has been sold or rented, we will swiftly clear it of any home staging props and can arrange for it to be deep cleaned, before its new owners/tenants move in.

  • We can also, should you so wish, arrange to have your property photographed professionally so that it is match ready for its big launch online.